Crimson Rain are a quartet hailing from the Water District in Argovia, Switzerland, which is generally known for its rural landscape and foggy winters rather than for good rock music, but the past and the present confirm that there is a lot of musical talent in the area, and Crimson Rain are one promising example of this. While the band clearly file their endeavors in the general Prog area, they are remarkably different from what you would expect at first thought, in quite a number of aspects – as they neither copy drug-infused-80s-organ wanking nor fiddle 24-minute-tracks consisting of one single guitar solo in 7/8.

Lewis’ bold guitar riffs and progressions add up with Vito’s groovy bass lines which are then garnished with the remarkable vocals of singer Flo, who fills the act with his mellow, soothing and emotional vocals, linked with deep and meaningful lyrics.

And if that wasn’t a promising-enough mix already, drummer Alain also adds his stint. Playing mainly in metalcore bands, Alain is one who does the modern and heavy playing style well justice in every regard, as his fairly small drum set gets remorselessly beaten the shit out of it at every rehearsal.

2012 seems to turn into a landmark year for the band, with scheduled shows all over the country and with enough material in the backhand to finally record the first professionally recorded long-player of the band later this year, to be released anytime around Winter 2012/2013. Crimson Rain manage to build bridges between ambiency soundscapes, odd-time signatures, flawlessly breath-taking guitar solos and blast beats presented in a Jimi Hendrix shirt. The first display of five tracks is available on their EP «Way To Satori», which is available through


Florian Siegrist // Vocals

Equipment: miscellaneous Sennheiser Mic






Alain Liesch // Drums & Backing Vocals







Vito Marrella // Bass


MusicMan Bongo 5-String Bass, Gallien & Krüger Amp, Warwick 410 Cabinet, EBS Dyna Verb, EBS Metaldrive, Ernie Ball Slinky 045-130 Strings




Matthew Lewis // Guitar


Carvin DC747 7-String Guitars, Ibanez 6-String Acoustics, Tanglewood 12-String Acoustic, Fractal Audio Axe-Fx’s, Art SLA-2 Poweramp, TT Custom 212 Cabinet, Voodoolab Ground Control Pro’s, Elixier 0.10 – 0.56 Strings,